Laser machining

The quality of our work now comes more from his own hand.
The majority of the parts that until now we had to purchase, we now have the ability to produce ourselves through the acquisition of our new laser cutting machine.

On request we are happy to produce your laser parts, or process them further.

With an active area of 4 by 2 meters and a machining tolerance of +- 0,1 millimeter/meter we can make even your greatest desires quickly and accurately a reality.

Our services in the realm of laser cutting include especially the three most common but also most important metals of our time.

aluminum Up to 30 mm
brass Up to 15 mm
copper Up to 15 mm
steel Up to 25 mm
Stainless steel in many variations
1.4301 from a shiny to a
titanium- gold coated surface.
Up to 30 mm