Trentex® roller shutter

Trentex ®

Since the development of the Trentex roller shutter in 2016, the product has stood for high-quality systems with easy handling and maximum reliability.Unlike previously known roller shutters, the Trentex roller shutter is made of a textile and jet burglar-proof material.

The low installation height in the ceiling and the low weight of the system makes it possible that the roller shutter can be installed almost anywhere.The Trentex roller shutter is a simple and inexpensive solution for closing, securing or sharing sales shops, exhibition stands and conference rooms.

Whether you want your roller door transparent or even with an individual print, you have the choice.

Please download our current catalog here as a PDF document, or browse through the virtual catalog online.

Trentex® roller shutter films

Trentex® roller shutter in black

The grid offers a clear view in your shop, even after closing time. The special fabric is dirt-repellent, impregnated and UV-resistant. In addition, the material is antibacterial and flame retardant.

Individual print

Our printed cloth fabric is available in two versions. A slightly transparent mesh, where the customer only recognizes what hides behind the partition when he is very close and an absolutely opaque fabric. Both types of fabrics offer photorealistic print quality with a high color brilliance. The printed curtains offer you the opportunity to present your individual advertising on the shop divider. Both curtain types are dirt-repellent impregnated, UV-resistant, antibacterial and flame retardant.