Trentex® textile divider

Trentex ®

With the idea of ​​securing sales shops, exhibition stands, halls, canteens or conference rooms we have developed the first textile divider that is recognized by most insurance companies as secondary protection. In addition to the simple and fast operation our divider allows a variety of designs. Different types of fabrics and the possibility of printing them leads to the fact that you can customize the appearance of the divider individually.

Whether as a horizontal sliding wall or as a roller shutter Trentex opens up countless possibilities as a textile divider. Our products are easy-to-use, easy-to-install and cost-effective. Our precise and standardized production are reasons for our high quality and ensures that our textile solutions are characterized by its longevity.

We offer you a tailor-made solution for your requirements. With Trentex you are able to safely close surfaces up to 40 m.

The Trentex shop partition wall separates your rooms burglar-proof and you are independent of opening hours. Particularly interesting for rooms in shopping centers or grocery stores, the partition wall offers the simple operation. Find out more about our shop partition wall.

The Trentex roller shutter is a development of our successful shop partition wall. With the cost-effective variant of a classic roller shutter, surfaces can now be closed in a visually appealing manner. In the past, such solutions were either too clunky, not individual built or too expensive. We developed a roll-up that can be installed almost everywhere indoors.

Trentex® Edeka Neumünster
Trentex® roller shutter