SmartLift 580

SmartLift 580 - simple handling of, and safe operating with large-format windows and window elements.

The steadily increasing sizes of windows and window elements in the modern construction industry constitute a major challenge for the craftsman during transport and assembly.

Smart Lift 580 assists and relieves craftsmen, secures the object and facilitates a more efficient way of working with a high degree of safety.

The innovative Smart Lift 580 holds windows with four large suction cups. The maneuverable control panel makes easy operation and handling possible - the operating engine has an efficiency of 1000 W and a rear wheel drive. Because of the integrated counterweights, it can carry up to 580 kg without additional supporting legs.
Smart Lift 580 can drive on stable and flat surfaces on its own power. Due to its compact design, it even fits into a pickup truck.

In order to enable you to work safely and efficiently, and to also relieve your workers at this point, we are happy to lend our SmartLift 580 on request.


rental fee for SmartLift 580

210 / day

skilled worker for operating SmartLift 580

62 / hour

trailer for transport and safe storage

50 / day

Technical data:

  • Bearing weight up to 580 kg
  • Flexible turret
  • Functional operating handle
  • 4 large suction cups (Ø 400 mm)
  • Handy and compact
  • Multi functional
  • Self-propelled
  • 2-circuit vacuum system
  • Simple operation

Here you can find more information about the manufacturer:

Information sheet SmartLift 580 (PDF)
Homepage SmartLift

Description Value
Total weight 697 kg
Total height 1420 mm
Overall width (min) 780 mm
Overall length (min) 1700 mm
Extending arms 500 mm
Side shift 100 mm
Vacuum suction system 2 circle
Charging current 230 Volt
Built-in charger CetekXT 14000
Charging time about 8 Stunden
Batteries (2 x 12v) 24Volt 2 x 90 A
Operating duration about 30 hours
Suction cups 4 pieces Ø 400 mm